SEO Optimization Plan

  • General SEO Tips
    We could write a full length book on how to SEO websites and a seperate book for each search engine. The following are just so general guidelines.
  • HTML Meta Tags
    Every page must have a unique html title tag, meta keywords, and a description
  • Text Navigation
    You should link to all the pages in your website using text links with selective keywords
  • Use W3C Recommendation
    Your website should following W3C recommenations for html site structure
  • Site Map
    You should have site map and links to every page on your site.
  • Submit Your Site
    You should submit your site to all the search engines including web directories.

Get Recommendations & Work With Someone With Proven Results

Like anything in life, it pays to do research and get recommendations. Its easy to surf the web and find tons of website offering money back guarantees, you don't pay unless we get you ranking, types of website. What is harder is finding someone that will deliver. We recommend that you ask your friends and colleagues. It's just like searching for any other professional advice or service. You use someone with proven results not just good sale pitch.

About SEO Tools

Its not the tools but the person using them that is the key.

SEO tools are just tools. They help make our lifes easier and faster to accomplish your task. They don't establish your site's ranking.

The key is finding someone with the experience and knowledge to execute the tools. So don't let websites that sell SEO Tools fool you into purchasing software with false promises. If you can't do it manually then the tools will be off no help to you.